Botox is a drug prepared from the bacterial toxin botulinum. In the early days,
it was primarily used for children who have cerebral palsy. In the 1990s,
it became more common practice to use Botox cosmetically to remove wrinkles
by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles. Botox is effective on angular jaw reduction, calf reduction,
and improvement of excessive sweating.

Must verify authenticity and dose

Our clinic has a mandatory check for the origin of the Botox we use.
In addition we are very careful in ensuring that only
the correct amount is used in our procedures.
Botox is originally developed by Allergan, US from botulinum toxin.
After its effect became known,
the procedure started to be known as botox. Ever since,
many different kinds of botox
have been introduced in the market. However, for best results, the
original botox needs to be applied. At iWell, we only use botox
from Allergan, US and Meditoxin from Pacific Pharmaceutical
Company. Usually we use botox from Allergan,
but patients can choose which botox they prefer.

choose iWELL Botox?

  • To get the best results, it is delicately injected into the exact area
  • Only genuine botox from Allergan is used

Where Do I Need It?

Botox 'Face'

Botox 'Square Jaw'

Botox 'Calf'

Botox 'Hyperhidrosis'

  • eye rim
  • gums
    (excessive exposure of gums)
  • neck
  • forehead
  • middle of the forehead
  • the bridge of the nose
  • corner of mouth
  • trapezius muscle
  • Square
  • Calf
  • Hyperhidrosis


iWELL Botox

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