It is an exclusive lifting implant approved by FDA and KFDA and used all over the world.
It is very effective since skin tissues are fixed onto 5 protuberances and pulled.
It is especially effective on deep wrinkles. It is slowly absorbed into the skin in 2 years,
so it looks more natural and it is semi-permanent.

The Advantages of Endotine

  • Safety approved by FDA and KFDA
  • Swelling and scarring are minimal since
    the procedure is done through slits
  • Looks more natural since it is slowly absorbed into
    the body in 2 years
  • Semi-permanent effect from 5 protuberances
    which hold skin tissues firmly
  • Great improvement on big, deep wrinkles
  • No damage to nerves or blood vessels

How is Endotine done?

  • Two to three 3cm
    incisions on hairline
  • Endotine is inserted
    through micro hole
  • Dissect from eyebrow to
    temporal region and pull
    by utilizing endoscope
  • Incisions are stitched up
    after the dissected skin is
    pulled and fixed to endotine

Types of Endotine

  • Endotine transbleph
    – droopy eyebrows
  • Endotine midface
    - sagging cheeks
  • Endotine forehead
    - wrinkles on forehead and droopy eyes
  • Endotine ribbon
    - Sagging chin and neck

How is Endotine done?

  • When wrinkles are deep between the eyes
  • When eyelids are sagging because of droopy eyebrows
  • When opening the eyes, eyebrows move up
  • When semi-permanent wrinkle improvement is wanted


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