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What is EZ Lifting?

Special thread that has 2~3 times more bumps than regular thread is used in the dermis to flatten
the wrinkles. It has excellent durability and is extremely effective in anti-aging treatment.
It stimulates collagen to give the skin elasticity and to improve the skin tone.
Quick return to normal routines because this method utilizes a tiny needle hole without an incision.
Desquamation and bruising are minimal, and the thread feels very natural within the skin.

Advantages of EZ Lifting

  • The thread has 2~3 times more bumps than regular ones, so it
    covers a broad area. Strong fixation assists to create consistency.
  • The thread can be stretched as needed,
    so desired shape can be achieved.
  • It stimulates dermis to regenerate collagen to improve elasticity.
  • iWELL only uses Ministry of Korea Food and Drug Safety (KFDA)
    approved thread, made of Polypropylene and used to
    stitch organs or muscles.

How is EZ Lifting done

  • To achieve the best results,
    number of thread and
    direction is decided
  • Keep massaging the skin
    when thread is inserted from
    the temple to maximize
    the fixation
  • Insert the thread and
    pull to the wanted direction

Where is EZ Lifting done?

  • Forehead
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Sagging chin
  • Drooping eyebrow and eyes
  • Paranasal lines
  • Wrinkles on the neck

choose iWELL EZ Lifting?

  • High satisfaction guaranteed with extensive experience and knowledge of EZ lifting
  • Regenerate skin cells with stimulation of collagen in dermis
  • Long lasting result from usage of special thread that has 2~3 times more bumps
  • Shorter procedure time and recovery since it's a non-incision procedu

Comparison of EZ Lifting with other Liftings

EZ Lifting
(thread with bumps)

Minimum Incision Lifting

Omega Lifting
(dissolving thread)

  • Method
    Effective Duration
    Swelling & Bruise
  • Non-incision
    All age groups
    A little
  • 1~2cm incision
    Mostly middle age and up
    A lot
  • Non-incision
    Sedation / Local
    1~3 years
    All age groups
    A little

Who needs EZ Lifting?

  • When V-line is desired without facial contouring with cutting bones
  • When the skin is droopy after two-jaw surgery or facial contouring
  • When there is a loss in skin elasticity despite being of younger age
  • When fast results of lifting is wanted
  • When there is a fear of incision lifting


iWELL EZ Lifting

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