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What is Omega Lifting?

It uses KFDA approved dissolving thread, PDO (polydioxanone), composed of protein.
It is effective on wrinkle improvement, skin elasticity improvement, and skin tone improvement.
The procedure is completed by inserting the thread into dermis to pull the wanted wrinkle area
and this in turn will regenerate the skin cells.

What is PDO(polydioxanone)?

  • KFDA's highest safety level (level 4) approved
    medical dissolving thread
  • Thread can be pulled as wanted, so desired shape can be achieved
  • Stimulation of dermis stimulates collagen generation
    which assists with skin regeneration
  • It dissolves into the skin in 3 ~ 6 months, so it feels more natural
  • It is only 0.12mm thick so almost no scarring

How is Omega Lifting done?

  • For the best results,
    the number of thread
    and direction is decided
    with consultation
    to the individual needs
  • Insert the treads into dermis
    and pull and fix
    in the wanted direction
  • Instant effects right
    after the procedure

Effect of Omega Lifting

When the thread is inserted into dermis,
it stimulate the collagen and elastin to generate.
Therefore, skin elasticity is improved and it is
effective for skin regeneration.

Where Do I need Omega Lifting?

  • Forehead
  • Drooping eyebrow
    and eyes
  • Paranasal lines
  • Wrinkles on the neck
  • Sagging cheeks
  • Sagging chin

Comparison of Omega Lifting with other Liftings

Omega Lifting
(dissolving thread)

EZ Lifting
(thread with bumps)

Minimum Incision Lifting

  • Method
    Effective Duration
    Swelling & Bruise
  • Non-incision
    Sedation / Local
    1~3 years
    All age groups
    A little
  • Non-incision
    All age groups
    A little
  • 1~2cm incision
    Mostly middle age and up
    A lot

Who needs Omega Lifting?

  • When wanting to get rid of wrinkles
  • When wanting to have V-line by improving sagging cheeks or chin line
  • When wanting to improve sagging skin after the two-jaw surgery or facial contouring
  • When wanting to have lifting with a simple and quick recovery period
  • When wanting to have improved skin tone and elasticity


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