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What is Minimal Incision Lifting?

Removal of SMAS, muscle that is droopy due to old age, and pulling skin to flatten the wrinkles to create
a face with more elasticity. iWELL Minimal Incision Lifting not only pulls sagging skin but also corrects the
sagging muscle. With this simple procedure, definite permanent effects can be achieved.

What is SMAS?
(Sub muscular aponeurotic system)

SMAS is the most important layer when minimal incision
lifting is performed.
SMAS is the fascia that surrounds the muscles.
It is the biggest reason for sagging skin because it is tightly
attached to the skin and very thin.
iWELL’s Minimal Incision Lifting pulls the
SMAS layer, so it is very effective on wrinkles on the face.

How is Minimal Incision Lifting done?

  • 1cm of incision is made
    on the sideburns/hairline
  • Remove the tissues of
    SMAS layer
  • Pull the skin after SMAS layer is
    fixed onto the temporal fascial

Where is Minimal Incision Lifting done?

  • Upper eye
  • Under eye
  • Vertical wrinkles
    around the lips
  • Wrinkles
    on the neck
  • Forehead lines
  • Eyebrows
  • Wrinkles on the edge of the
    eyes and sagging eyebrows
  • Paranasal lines
  • Lower cheeks

iWELL's Minimal Incision Lifting, No visible scarring

Even though lifting is successful, if the scar is visible,
it cannot be called successful.

iWELL's Minimal Incision Lifting's incision is made
from inside the hairline to under the ear and the
sideburns, so sometime after the surgery,
scarring is not visible.

Comparison of Minimal Incision Lifting with other Liftings

Minimum Incision Lifting

Omega Lifting
(dissolving thread)

EZ Lifting
(thread with bumps)

  • Method
    Effective Duration
    Swelling & Bruise
  • Non-incision
    All age groups
    A little
  • Non-incision
    Sedation / Local
    1~3 years
    All age groups
    A little
  • 1~2cm incision
    Mostly middle age and up
    A lot

choose iWELL's Minimal Incision Lifting?

  • Fix the basic cause of problems by smoothing wrinkles and also pulling the SMAS layer tight
  • Scarring is not visible since the incision is minimal and made on the sideburns/hairline
  • Effective for sagging cheeks and wrinkles on the face and neck
  • Slender V-line and improved sagging cheeks and wrinkles without cutting bones

Who needs Minimal Incision Lifting?

  • When cheeks and chin are very droopy because of aging
  • When other lifting is not effective
  • When there is the appearance of being angry due to sagging cheeks
  • When chin line is not smooth even at a younger age


iWELL Minimal Incision Lifting

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