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What is V-Line Lifting?

V-Line lifting is a procedure that tightens the sagging skin and suctions out the chin fat by utilizing a special
thread without incision. iWELL V-Line Lifting creates a voluminous and yet slender V-Line without any incision.

  • EZ Lifting
  • Chin
  • V-Line

What is EZ Lifting?

Pull and fix sagging skin with special thread and needle
approved by the ministry of food and drug safety.
Cog of the thread is attached to subcutaneous fat and
soft tissue to lift up the sagging skin to make the skin tight.
It helps to improve the skin elasticity and skin tone since
it stimulates dermis to produce collagen.

choose iWELL V-Line Lifting?

  • Achieve the best results with extensive experience and techniques in Lifting
  • Create a perfect V-Line with lifting and liposuction on chin when applicable
  • Regenerate skin cells by stimulating collagen in dermis
  • Long lasting effects because of fat cell elimination

Is the Lifting Just for The Middle Aged? NO!

Since a lot of celebrities have V-line face and V-line face has become the trend of beauty,
prejudice about lifting being done on those who are middle aged has changed.
V-Line Lifting is preferred regardless of age and a younger face can be made with customized lifting depends on age.

Protect the V-Line in advance

Over 40s
V-Line that hides the age

  • Prevent early fine wrinkles
  • Maintain or improve skin elasticity
  • Small and slender V-Line
  • Prevent pigmentation
  • Maintain younger looking face
  • mproves deep wrinkles
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Makes elasticity on sagging skin
  • Improves pigmentation
  • Look younger than your age

Who needs V-Line Lifting?

  • When a V-Line is desired without contouring surgery
  • When a smaller face with a slender chin is desired
  • When sagging cheeks after two-jaw surgery or facial contouring is a concern
  • When there is no distinct border line between face and neck
  • When there is a double chin or a chin has a lot of fat and is drooping
  • When a younger looking face is wanted by improving wrinkles and sagging skin


iWELL V-Line Lifting

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