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What is Heart-Line Fat Grafting?

Heart-Line Fat Grafting is a procedure that collects fat from the abdomen or thigh where excess fat is
deposited. Then there is a separation of pure fat cells which are injected into the sunken forehead,
cheeks, under the eye, etc. iWELL's Heart-line Fat Grafting increases the volume of the cheeks and creates a
soft curve from under the ears to the chin. High-tech Repocket Fat Grafting Centrifuge is used to increase
safety and the rate of efficacy.

What is Re-pocket Fat Grafting?

Re-pocket Fat Grafting utilizes equipment so that liposuction
and centrifugation are done at the same time. Therefore,
the collected fat is not exposed to air which reduces the
possibility of infection and increases the rate of efficacy.

choose iWELL's Heart-Line Fat Grafting?

  • Collected fat is distributed evenly into multiple layers, so skin is smooth and the survival rate is high
  • With Re-pocket method that eliminates air contact, infection rate is low
  • Delicate procedure is possible with high-end Cannula (tube)
  • Correction of reccessive chin and flat forehead is possible without facial contouring

Where Heart-Line Fat Grafting is needed?

  • Forehead
  • flat forehead without volume
    /uneven forehead
    /protruding eyebrow bone
  • Eyelid
  • sunken eyelids
  • Cheekbone
  • protruding cheekbones
    /broad looking face due to no volume on the face
  • Cheek
  • sunken/
    sagging cheeks
  • Paranasal line
  • improved paranasal lines
  • Recessive Chin
  • V-line effect/
    improved face line

What is Heart-Line Fat Grafting by utilizing Smart Prep 2?

SmartPrep2Fat Grafting improves the rate of efficacy of self-fat grafting. It mixes separated pure
fat cells with adult stem cells that have excellent reproductivity and these cells are injected into the desired area.
Skin is regenerated with stem cell's help, and younger and more vibrant appearance is achieved

  • Collect pure fat cells from
    abdomenor thighs
    by utilizing
    Re-pocket equipment
  • Collect stem cells
    from blood by utilizing
    Smart Prep 2
  • Transfer mixture of pure fat
    cells and stem cells into
    desired areas
    through Cannula

Who needs Heart-Line Fat Grafting?

  • To avoid an older appearance due to cheeks looking flat
  • To add volume to sunken cheeks
  • To create a younger looking face with a soft face line
  • To avoid using implants
  • To create volume on a sunken or unbalanced forehead


iWELL Heart-Line Fat Grafting

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