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What is PRP Fat Grafting?

PRP Fat Grafting is the procedure that uses self fat cells and PRP together.
PRP is the abbreviation of platelet rich plasma which means plasma with rich platelets.
Highly enriched platelets are separated from the patient's blood and injected with pure
fat cells which have a higher survival rate and heals damaged skin.

What is PRP?

PRP is the abbreviation of platelet rich plasma
and it refers to plasma with rich platelet.

How is PRP Fat Grafting done?

  • Draw about 20cc
    of the patient's blood
  • Separate drawn blood
    to PRP, Plasma,
    and blood cells
    by utilizing centrifuge
  • Inject PRP, plasma,
    and fat cell to desired area

choose iWELL PRP Fat Grafting?

  • This delicate procedure is completed by utilizing a high end quality tube (Cannula).
  • Higher survival rate because of collecting fat with Repocket that blocks air contact completely.
  • Safer and less side effects because the patient's own blood is used.
  • Higher survival rate compare to common fat grafting.
  • Improvement of aging effect when injected into the aging area.
  • Lighter skin tone and better skin overall because the procedure helps with skin rejuvenation.

Who needs PRP Fat Grafting?

  • When higher survival rate of fat grafting is wanted
  • When appearance seems older than the actual age due to lack of elasticity in the skin
  • When appearance seems fierce and older due to lack of fat on the face
  • When natural improvement is preferred over the use of implants


iWELL PRP Fat Grafting

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