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Non-incision Calf Reduction

  • The calf is composed of various muscles, which may produce a large, muscular calf .
  • Non-incision Calf Reduction is a procedure that makes the calf more slender and smoother in appearance.
  • The procedure is completed after accurate analysis is undertaken.

What is Calf Muscle?

Categories of Calf Muscle Growth

  • Inner Gastrocnemius
    Unlike any other area,
    these muscles are distributed
    in a larger area and more
    easily developed
    It is the muscle most noticeable
    when wearing high heels
  • Complex Muscular
    Muscular calf is formed with
    development of all muscles
    Commonly seen in athletes
  • M.Soleus
    Amongst the calf muscles,
    they are thicker and broad
    Easily developed on
    O shape legs
  • Outer Gastrocnemius
    Relatively smaller
    amount of muscles
    Developed genetically
    or with excessive exercise
  • Muscle Fast

    Thick calf overall
    No visible leg shape
    with flared out

Types of Non-incision Calf Reduction

Non-incision nerve blocking method
Nerves of calf gastrocnemius are collectively blocked with high frequency energy heat.
Almost no damage on surrounding tissues with minimal pain and swelling because only targeted muscles will be operated on.
High-frequency muscle reduction
Gastrocnemius is directly burned with high-frequency heat.
Swelling could be severe since the muscle is directly burned but elimination of necessary part of muscle is possible.

Types of iWELL Calf Plastic Surgery


iWELL Non-incision Calf Reduction

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