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Triple Liposuction

Suction out excessively accumulated subcutaneous fat to produce a beautiful body contour.
By removing unnecessary fat, Triple Liposuction creates not only a balanced beautiful bodyline,
but also leaves you in a healthier condition.

Principles of Triple Liposution

Liposuction is done by utilizing Cannula to make a tunnel to suction out the fat cells.

Subcutaneous layer

Suction out the fat will Cannula

Thinner layer of fat

How is Triple Liposuction done?

Various methods of liposuction are used based on the individual's body type in combination with suitable methods such as ultrasonic waves,
high frequency waves, water, and laser equipment to achieve the best results.

Waterjet System

Power Assisted
Liposuction (PLA)

Laser Fat Melting

iWELL's Liposuction by Body Part

Even with exercise and diet, it is common to have fatty deposits on the abdomen, thigh, upper arm and chin.
If you are still concerned about a particular body part,
iWELL's Triple Liposuction can solve the problem in a safe manner.

  • Abdomen
  • Thigh
  • Arm
  • Back
  • Lovehandle (side)
  • Chin
  • Calf
Accumulated fatty tissue in the
upper and lower belly creates the
effect of abdominal obesity. Since
the abdomen has a thicker layer of
fat, liposuction can produce
satisfying results. Abdominal
liposuction will make your body
look better and it will help prevent
a variety of adult diseases.
In the case of men, fatty tissue is
usually deposited to the side.
For women they will have fatty
deposits in upper area of the hip
bone. When you have lovehandle,
it can limit your style of dressing.
Liposuction is performed alongside
of soft body curve.
In the case of Asian women, unlike
the upper body, the lower body
can store more fatty tissue.
iWELL Triple Liposuction removes
the fat from the inside, outside
and back of the thigh area to
make a smoother thigh.
When fat accumulates in the chin
area, there is no obvious distincition
between the face and the neck.
This will create a dull and stuffy
impression. Removing the excessive
fat will produce a lifting effect in
addition to a V-line effect.
Unlike other body parts, skin on the
arms are thin and the nerves and
blood vessels are located close to
the skin. It is important to pay close
attention in this area.
iWELL's Triple Liposuction will
remove fat from shoulders and
inner arms to create slender arms.
Usually the calf has a thinner layer
of fat but when there is excessive
subcutaneous fat, iWELL's Triple
Liposuction can remove the fat to
produce a slender calf.
Excessive fat on the back creates
an unattractive silhouette.
Skin on the back is thicker and
fatty tissue is composed of hard
fibers, so delicate suction is
choose iWELL's Triple Liposuction?
There is less bleeding due to the process of melting the fat
with laser and suctioning out the fat through cannula.
A smoother line is made because all layers of fat are removed evenly.
A large amount of fat is removed without damaging surrounding tissues
because only subcutaneous fat layer is absorbed .
With less bruising and swelling of tissues, there is a quicker return to the daily routines of normal life.
Who needs Triple Liposuction?
  • Feeling stressed due to feeling overweight
  • Reaching the limitations of diet with exercise and food restrictions
  • Having trouble with sagging skin after the bimaxillary
    operation or facial contouring surgery
  • Gaining weight easily due to fat cells
  • Targetting a particular part of the body such
    as abdomen, thigh, arm, etc
  • Requiring fast results


iWELL Triple Liposuction



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