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What is a Tummy Tuck?

When the belly has a lot of fat and is drooping or it has lost elasticity after pregnancy or major weight loss,
removal of loose or sagging tissues is performed. With a Tummy Tuck, the abdomen muscle and fascia
are tightened and the body shape becomes slimmer. Depending on the patient's characteristics,
different methods of Tummy Tuck are performed. Thus, the patient's age, skin type, fat, and muscles
will be thoroughly analyzed before the procedure.

How to iWELL Tummy Tuck
  • Only remove fat
  • Repair droopy abdominal muscle
  • Do both fat removal and muscle repair
  • Do both liposuction and dermolipectomy
choose iWELL’s Tummy Tuck?
A patient's body structure, age, skin type, fascia, etc are
analyzed thoroughly before the surgery.
Tissue damage is minimal since only excess fat is removed.
High satisfaction with customized surgery methodology
Who needs iWELL Tummy Tuck?
  • When abdomen area is sagging due to loss of elasticity
  • When abdomen skin is sagging and stretched due to pregnancy
  • When abdomen skin is sagging due to a major weight loss
  • When abdomen skin is sagging after liposuction
Types of Tummy Tuck
Whole Tummy Tuck
It's the most common type of tummy tuck.
If the skin sags severely,
the procedure will entail cutting out the skin from
above the belly button to lower belly and stitch
them together.
The scar is longer than C-section scar.
Mini Tummy Tuck
If the sagging skin is located only at the
lower belly, the procdeure will entail cutting out
the skin under the belly button and
then stitching it up. In this case,
the belly button doesn't need to be
made again and the scar is about the
same length of C-section.
Surgeries that can be completed in
conjunction with iWELL Tummy Tuck
If you want a slim and toned body?
if a whole a lot of fat as well as in the abdomena


iWELL Tummy Tuck

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