HOMEMastoplastyiWELL Mastoplasty Center

iWELL Mastoplasty After Care System

  • High satisfact on with natural
    waterdrop shape line
  • Equipped with the
    state of art
    surgery equipment
  • Comfortable
    anesthetic system
  • The state
    of art safety
    management system
  • Airshower system,
    Aseptic operating
  • After care
    Center for

Waterdrop Breastline

Mastoplasty does not only mean creating a bigger size. Size, shape, texture, and possible scarring,
etc need to be taken into consideration before breast surgery. iWELL considers the patient's
body shape when choosing the type and size of implant to achieve the perfect breast shape.
In addition, surgeons at iWELL have extensive experience and constantly strive to continue to
learn through research and studies to further their knowledge and skills in creating
a natural looking breast that retains its functionality.

Equipped with State of the Art Surgery
for Mastoplasty

Surgery is done through high-tech HD endoscope and headlamp, so nerves on breast tissues
and blood vessels are visualized through the surgeon's eyes. Therefore, it is possible to have
an accurate and delicate dissection, which in turn reduces unnecessary bleeding and pain.
Moreover, detailed an ultrasonic wave test is completed before the surgery to examine breast
and chest structure which also helps to reduce possible side effects after the surgery.

Safe Anasthetic System

The most important thing is your safety. From pre-surgery to recovery after the surgery,
an iWELL, anesthesiologist oversees the whole operation.
iWELL's core philosophy is to achieve
excellent results with a comfortable and safe surgery.

Safety Oriented Medical System

In any emergency situation, the most important aspect is the patient's safety.
iWELL is equipped with Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
and Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to a provide safe surgery environment
in case of natural disaster and all staff at iWELL regularly receives safety training.

In the area of plastic medical service, iWELL has passed all international
quality measure standards and has achieved the ISO 9001 certificate
which is a system for international quality checks.

Air Shower System
and Aseptic Operating Room

iWELL is equipped with air shower system that eliminates fine dust and germs in the air,
UV disinfection system, medical sterilized water purifying system, and dual door system
to provide a clean and hygienic operating environment.
In addition, an automatic system monitors the temperature and humidity in the operating
room to provide the best surroundings for the surgery.

After Care Center
after the Mastoplasty

In order to achieve higher patient satisfaction, high frequency massage is provided
after the surgery to prevent capsular contracture. As well, regenerate laser treatment assists
with swelling and scarring. iWELL anticipates any side effect that may happen and works
to ensure that the procedure successfully creates supple and naturally shaped breasts.


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