HOMEMastoplastySagging Breast Correction

What is Sagging Breast Correction?

Breast is sagging because elastic fiber in breast tissue gets loose with pregnancy and giving birth, aging,
dramatic weight loss. In this case, Sagging Breast Correction makes sagging
breast to elastic and voluminous breast.

Self-Diagnosis of Sagging Breast

Degree of sagging breast is decided how low the nipple is drooping from bottom line of breast.
Normally nipple is located 4~5cm above the breast bottom line and degree of sagging breast is divided into 3 levels.

  • Normal
  • A grade mastoptosis
    1cm under the breast
    bottom line
  • B grade mastoptosis
    1~2 cm under the breast
    bottom line
  • C grade mastoptosis
    over 3cm under the breast
    bottom line

Who needs Sagging Breast Correction?

  • Sagging breast after pregnancy
  • Lose elasticity due to aging
  • Lose elasticity due to dramatic weight loss

How is Sagging Breast Correction done?

  • Enlarge the breast size
    and lift the sagging breast

    Lift the sagging breast and insert an implant.
    Areola incision or bottom line incision is used
  • Leave the breast size as it is
    and lift the sagging breast

    When breast is big enough, implant is not used.
    Usually vertical incision is used.
  • Reduce the breast size
    and lift the sagging breast

    It's suitable when the breast size is big and saggy.
    Breast reduction is performed with lifting of
    sagging breast.


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