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What is Nipple Correction Surgery?

When the nipple is inverted or too big, this can create an undesirable appearance to the breast.
Nipple Correction refers to the correction of an inverted nipple or reducing an enlarged nipple.
The nipple is important for both the appearance and breast feeding function,
so it is important to retain beauty and function.

What is inverted nipple?

It is a condition where the nipple is retracted into the breast instead of pointing outward.

Types of Inverted Nipple

Slightly inverted nipple. With stimulation, nipple is projecting

This condition can be improved with massages or breast excavatum
However, if the process takes a long time, nipple correction is another solution

Projecting with stimulation but duration is very short

This cannot be corrected with massages or excavatum,
so nipple correction is a good solution

Even with stimulation, no response

Besides the nipple correction, there is almost no other solution

How is Nipple Correction done for inverted nipples?


Incise around the nipple area and resect the fibrous tissue. This method can minimize scarring and breast feeding is still possible.

  • Before the correction
  • Make an incision
    around the nipple
  • Extend ducts and
    push out the nipple
  • Stitch up


This method is used when inverting is severe. After the correction, the procedure can have an impact on breast feeding.

  • Before correction
  • Push out the nipple
  • After resecting the duct tissue,
    stop the bleeding
  • Stitch up

Who needs nipple reduction?

Normal size of nipple is 1 ~ 1.5cm. When the nipple is very big and protruding,
the appearance can be less than desirable and there may also
be problems when breast feeding.

  • When genetically large nipple
  • When nipple became large after breast feeding
  • When nipple shape causes emotional concern and anxiety

Nipple Reduction Method


Partially cut the nipple and stitch to reduce width or length.

  • When width of
    nipple is long
  • When length of
    nipple is long

Non-preservation of ducts for no breast feeding

Make V shape incision on top of the nipple.
This method will definitely reduce the size of the nipple but the ability to breast feed will be lost.

  • VV shape incision
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