HOMEMastoplastySelf-Fat Graft Mastoplasty

What is Self-Fat Graft Mastoplasty?

Collect fat from abdomen area or thigh to insert into breast to make more natural looking breast.
This method is popular because self-fat is used, not an implant, so the shape is natural.

Who needs Self-Fat Graft Mastoplasty?

  • Want voluminous breast but prefer not to use implants
  • Want to reconstruct breast shape after removing implants
  • Want natural breast enlargement without scarring
  • Satisfied with size of the breast but breast size is asymmetrical
  • When breast have become smaller after breast feeding but body fathas increased

Pros and Cons of Self-Fat Graft Mastoplasty

  • Pros

    • Both removal of unnecessary fat
      and breast enlargement
    • No side effect such as capsular contracture
      and no feeling of a foreign object in the body
    • Natural volume and texture
    • Less pain and fast recovery
  • Cons

    • It is difficult to have the procedure
      when there is not enough fat
    • It is difficult to change to a very big size
    • It is possible that grafted fat can be absorbed
      into the body so an extra procedure may be
      needed if size of breasts reduces

How is Self-Fat Graft Mastoplasty done?

  • Design
    and liposuction
  • Centrifugation
    of collected fat
  • Collection
    of pure fat cell
  • Fat grafting to breast

choose iWELL's Self-Fat Graft Mastoplasty?

  • Higher survival rate since collected fat is grafted into multiple layers
  • Less infection since repocket method is used to block air exposure
  • Delicate procedure utilizing top quality Cannula


iWELL Self-Fat Graft Mastoplasty

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