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What is Breast Reduction?

When breasts are disproportionately large for the body, this often causes mental stress.
In addition, shoulder pain and back pain can be caused by the weight of the breasts and there may
be difficulties fitting into clothing. Breast Reduction is a procedure that removes
part of the breast tissue to make the breasts smaller to fit the body structure in better proportion.

Who needs Breast Reduction?

  • When the breasts are very big and sagging
  • When drawing unwanted negative attention
  • When having pain on the shoulders, neck, and back due to breast weight
  • When having skin problems such as eczema beneath the breasts

How is Breast Reduction done

  • Incision around areola

    This method is appropriate for breasts
    that are not overly big or saggy. Cut around areola
    to remove extra skin, tissue,mammary glands
    and fat from the breast and create breasts
    in correct proportion to body.
    Then the nipples are repositioned.

    • · Scarring is not that visible
    • · Short operation time and recovery time
    • · Breast feeding is possible after the surgery
    • · Less side effect such as infections or
  • Vertical incision

    This method is suitable for all breasts regardless
    of size. Make a vertical incision from areola
    to the bottom of the breast.

    • · This is most effective for big breasts
    • · Preservation of nipple sensation and
      the ability to breast feed
    • · Less scarring than O shape incision
    • · This is the best combination of incision
      around areola and O shape incision
  • O shape incision

    This method is suitable when the breasts are huge
    and sagging. Make an "O" shape incision
    around areola and the vertical line.

    • · Increase the elasticity of sagging breast
    • · Effective on disproportionately large
      and sagging breasts

What is Accessory Breast Tissue?

This is a relatively common congenital condition where mammary glands are
developed in addition to normal breast tissue. Usually this tissue develops under the arm
pit, under the breast or side (flank).

With accessory breast tissue, breast tissues exist, so its size can change during menstruation
and there can be an ectopic milk duct that leaks milk through the skin without visible breast
tissue or nipple. Rarely, breast cancer may develop in accessory breast tissues,
so it is advisable to remove this extra tissue.

How is iWELL Accessory Breast Removal done?

Accessory breast removal procedure is one of the more simple breast procedures and the recovery is fast.
Procedure area will differ depending on breast size and tissue structure.

  • Liposuction
    When accessory breast is
    not sagging because
    there is not much duct tissue,
    a very small incision
    is made under the armpit
    to suction out the ducts.
  • Lobule-Alveolar-
    System Removal

    When accessory breast tissue
    is large and sagging,
    make 1cm incision under
    the armpit to remove
    the lobule-alveolar-system.
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