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What is Waterdrop Mastoplasty?

The most important part of breast augmentation is to create a natural,voluminous breast shape that suits the body shape.
Waterdrop shaped implants draw attention from all over the world as iWELL's Waterdrop
Mastoplasty ensures that breasts are shaped like waterdrops.
iWELL only uses FDA and KFDA approved Allegan, Mentor, and Polytech implants.

Waterdrop Mastoplasty Before & After

Special Features of Waterdrop Shaped Implants

  • Waterdrop shaped natural shape
  • Effective on smaller build and sagging breasts
  • Natural shape because there is space between implant and breast
  • Waterdrop shape creates volume to lower part of breast
  • Suitable when the breast is located higher than normal

If you are slim and breasts are small?

If the common round implant is used, it looks artificial because of protruding from the upper breast. However,
if the waterdrop shape implant is used, it looks natural.

Waterdrop shape implant Round shape implant

Ideal Condition of Breast

Naturally voluminous breast with V-LINE cleavage

Basic characteristics of a beautiful
breast is volume and suppleness.
In addition, the size and shape of
breast and shape of the nipple
are important as well.

Bust size is 5 ~10 cm smaller than
hip size when in proportion
to the body.

The middle of collarbone and
nipples make
an equilateral triangle.

Round cone shape with
adequate volume and suppleness.

Advantages of Waterdrop Mastoplasty

  • No hospitalization
  • No blood bag
  • Less pain since
    endoscope is used
  • Less capsular
    and No massage
  • Fast recovery

How is Waterdrop Mastoplasty done?

  • Comparision of Implants
  • Incision Area
  • Implant Inserting Location
  • Waterdrop Implants (ANATOMICAL Type)

    • The most consistent with natural breast shape - waterdrop shape
    • Looks natural since there is a little space between implant and the breast
    • Voluminous lower breast
    • Ideal breast line with tip of nipple pointing up a little
    • Suitable for flat breast and sagging breast


    • Cohesive Gel
    • Rough textured implant
    • Same characteristics with common textured implant
  • Textured Type (Round Type)

    • Most common implants
    • Natural look when standing up or lying down
    • Suitable for making V-line breast with volume
    • Suitable when cleavage and voluptuous breasts are preferred.


    • Cohesive Gel
    • Rough textured implant
    • Almost no capsular contracture
    • No massage needed

    SMOOTH Type

    • Cohesive Gel)
    • Smooth and soft outside
    • Suitable when skin is thin and
      there is lack of breast tissue
    • Massage needed
  • Incision Under the Armpit Make 3cm incision on the wrinkley place under the armpit.
    Since the mammary gland tissues are not touched,
    breast feeding is possible and there is no scar on the breast after the surgery
  • Incision around Areola Make 1.5cm incision at the bottom line of the areola. Since the location of the implant is visible,
    this procedure is very accurate in placement. Many models and celebrities prefer this method
    because there is almost no scarring, however, in rare cases, nipple sensations can be reduced.
  • Incision at the bottom line of the breast Make an incision at the fold of bottom line of breast. Mostly,
    this method is used for complex revision surgery or correction surgery.
    The scarring is a little visible when you lie down, so this method is effective
    when the fold is visible or when the breast needs to be big.
  • Incision on the belly button Less bleeding since endoscope is used. An immediate benefit to this method is that arms
    can be moved freely after the surgery. However, implants are limited to saline implants,
    so this method is not commonly used in breast implants surgery nowadays.
  • Dual-plain Insertion Upper part of implant is inserted under the pectoral muscle and lower part is inserted under the
    mammary glands. Bottom line of breast is delicate to make the most natural looking breast.
  • Under the Pectoral Muscle Insertion Implant is inserted under the pectoral muscle. A lot of muscle tissue surrounds the implant
    and since the implant is located deeply inside the breast, this method is safer and the probability
    of capsular contracture is low. Because the mammary glands are separated from the implant
    by muscle, the implant will not affect breast feeding or breast examination.
  • Under the Mammary Gland Insertion Implant is inserted on the pectoral muscle - under the mammary gland. It is suitable
    for sagging breast or breast tissue which is abundant. This implant will not affect breast
    feeding or breast examination. However, when breast tissue is dense,
    there is a higher probability of capsular contracture.

choose iWELL Waterdrop Mastoplasty?

  • Natural look and movement
  • Excellent outcome for revision surgery
  • Natural look and movement location
  • Various sizes and shapes
  • Reduced possibility of capsular contracture
  • Designed to suit the body shape


iWELL Waterdrop Mastoplasty

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