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No Subject of Consultation Title Responded Public Publisher Date
304 Facial contouring Quick Cheekbone Reduction Responded Private S** 2017-02-05
303 Nose Surgery Dear Doctor Responded Private D** 2017-02-03
302 Eye Surgery Dear Dr.choi Responded Private c** 2017-01-25
301 Eye Surgery Appointment Responded Private A** 2017-01-24
300 Eye Surgery Thank you ㅇ **, your online consultation is under review processing Private ㅇ** 2016-12-26
299 Nose Surgery Nose Plastic Surgery Responded Private E** 2016-12-04
298 Antiazing I'm wondering Responded Private m** 2016-11-24
297 Etc hello Responded Private S** 2016-11-23
296 Etc question Responded Private j** 2016-11-21
295 Facial contouring Quick Cheekbone Responded Private i** 2016-11-21


Online Consultation

Classification Title Current State
Facial contouring I have a question. 回复
Nose Surgery Rhinosurgery~ 回复
Etc transplantation of fat~~~~!! 回复
Body Surgery breast enlargements 回复
Breast Surgery breast enlargements 回复
Eye Surgery double eyelid surgery!!!!!! 回复
Nose Surgery get a nose job 回复
Body Surgery liposuction 回复
Breast Surgery liposuction 回复
Antiazing about lifting..!! 回复

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