HOMEEyesEye Revision Surgery

Eye Revision Surgery

If there are faults with the first procedure, or the desired line or shape was not acquired, this procedure will
correct any complications with double eyelid surgery. Patients who are concerned with results where the
crease is drawn too large and thick, unravels, or are asymmetrical will want to choose to undergo the Revision
Surgery. Revision Surgeries require even more advanced skill than the first surgery, so it is essential that patients
are attended by an experienced professional.

When is the
appropriate time for
revision surgery

Wait at least 6 months

Once the tissues around
the eyes have recovered
and stabilized, and the
area around the lesion is
no longer stiff or swollen

Results often take 6
months to fully in effect,
so it is advised to wait,
as many become
satisfied with their results
within this time period

choose iWELL's Eye Revision Surgery?

Oculoplastics can provide very different results with even the slightest difference
of 1 mm. Oculoplastics has been increasingly gained popularity over the years
and the rates of corrective surgery has paralleled such popularity.

Corrective surgery can yield greater damage to tissues than the initial surgery and
needs to be attended by an experienced and acknowledged specialist in the field.

A medical expert with the necessary clinical experiences will identify the
complications with the prior operation and address not only the technical
complications, but also the frustrations the patient holds.

Different Cases of Revision Surgery

Faded or Unraveled Lines

Many cases where unraveling of lines has
reduced but many question which method
to use once non incisional blepharoplasty
unravels. Patients decide to undergo non
incisional blepharoplasty or the incision method
once they have revisited the state of their eyes,
then redesign the desired eyeline.

Too thin or low outlines

When the line drawn from the first operation
is too thin or low compared to the patient's
desired outcome, the line is redrawn and the
operation progresses. If it is a case where the
line is hooded once the swelling calms,
it can be corrected by moderating the skin
engulfing the line.

Thick Lines (Sausage Lines)

Appears often in the case of overly thick-drawn
eyes, or in the presence of excessive fat tissues.
The line can be lowered and the scar and fat
tissues can be removed to create a natural

Asymmetrical Lines

All people have asymmetrical features to some
degree but those with severe asymmetry have
the option to undergo corrective surgery. In the
case where there is a heightened difference of
creases, the initial crease can be unraveled and
readjusted according to the desired outline.
Asymmetry due to ptosis can be corrected
through blepharoplasty to tighten the loose
skin above the eyelids.

Multiples Creases

When excessive amounts of fat tissues have
been removed, multiple creases can be created.
Adhesive tissues can be unraveled and internal
fat tissues will be rearranged for corrective
purposes. Fat grafts may be required if
circumstances allow.

Eyes become smaller
than prior to the operation

If the patient had ptosis but chose to undergo
operation without eyelid correction, or the
eyeline was too tall in proportion to the length
of the patient's eyes, the eyes may look relatively
smaller post-surgery. Eyeline correction is
available through medial or lateral canthoplasty.

Dissatisfaction of the Eyeline

In the event that there were no faults in the
procedure, but the patient simply is not satisfied
with the shape or height of the crease.
In this case, the desired result can be identified
and achieved via thorough consultation.

Large or visible scarring

If there are remnants of tissues or excess skin
around the eyes, the scarred area can be cut
and minimized. However if there isn't sufficient
skin, corrective surgery can be difficult and it is
necessary to consult with a specialist.





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