HOMEEyesIncision Method

Incision Method

Incision method is to incise the potential eyelid lines then arrange skin, muscle, fat, etc. Incision line goes into the
double eyelid, scarring will fade to nearly invisible over time.
This method is effective when the eyelid has thick skin or sagging, or the inner skin has developed muscle and fat.
Inner side of eyelid is visible, so customized surgery is possible.

How is Incision Method done?

Design the procedure
area after a thorough
consultation and diagnosis

Remove unnecessary fat or
muscles after a micro incision

Stitch up after connecting
the eyelid skin and muscle

Complete natural
and vivid eye shape

choose iWELL's Incision Method?

Almost no scarring when this delicate procedure is done
by experienced surgeon.

Corrects unnatural looking double eyelid due to failed prior surgery.

Incision line is invisible since it goes into the double eyelid line.

Who needs Incision Method?

When eyelids are overly sagging

When eyes are looking puffy due to thick eyelids

When eyelid has a lot of fat

When wanting to correct the unnatural looking double
eyelid from previous surgery that went wrong

When mid-severe ptosis is accompanied

Special Features of iWELL Incision Method

  • Possibility of tissue disconnection is very low and this procedure is possible in most cases
  • Look younger since sagging skin and wrinkles are removed
  • Less scarring and swelling with delicate incision
  • Maximize the effect of big eyes if canthoplasty is accompanied
  • Make slimmer eye shape with removal of fat and muscle on eyelid

Surgeries that can be completed in conjunction
with iWELL Incision Method

If the horizontal width of eyes are short?

Canthoplasty can be done without scarring as this method places
the incision in a hidden spot in the inner corner of the eyes

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