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What is iWELL Non-Incision Method?

Clear and yet natural double eyelid line with no disconnection!
iWELL Non-Incision Method lowers the possibility of disconnection by more tying knots than existing methods.
To increase patient satisfaction, iWELL offers multi-knot non-incision, multi-knot consecutive non-incision,
and single knot consecutive non-incision depending on the individual's eye shape.

choose iWELL's Non-Incision Method?

Lower the possiblility of disconnection by much improved Non-Incision Method.

Fast recovery because the surgery is done through micro holes without any incision.

Customized Non-Incision Method is provided from various methods.

Natural adhesion so that even when eyes are closed, the thread does not show.

Who needs Natural Adhesion Method?

When eyelid is not that thick and sagging

When having shallow double eyelid or
disconnected after the surgery

When inconspicuous double eyelid surgery is wanted

When hesitating due to worry about disconnection

When feeling uncomfortable
with incision method

Surgeries that can be completed in conjunction
with iWELL Non-Incision Method

If the horizontal width of eyes are short?

Canthoplasty can be done without
scarring as this method places the incision
in a hidden spot in the inner corner of the eyes

Natural Adhesive Eye Shape Correction
can be done to create a more
alert eye without incision

If sagging eyelid makes you look sleepy?

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Natural Adhesive Eye Shape Correction





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