HOMEEyesLower Eyelid Fat Rearrangement

Lower Eyelid Fat Rearrangement

The fat stored beneath the eyes provides as a cause of eye bags, giving a dull and weary impression.
Lower Eyelid Fat Rearrangement relocates the stored fat to directly below the eyes where it is sunken,
to give a more lively appearance.

Causes and Features of Dark Circles

In the case of sunken
malar bones

Dark circles due to
lower eyelid fat

In the case of dark skin due to
veins and pigmentation

Autologous fat injections and
are used to remove
shadows created
by sunken malar bones

Fat is removed via incisions on
the conjunctiva on the inside
of the eyes,minimizing any
possible chance of scarring.

In the presence of sagging skin,
it is much more effective to have a
concurrent palpebral arch operation.

Fat removal and micro-autologous
fat grafting through the conjunctiva
is most effective
is most effective.

How Is It Done?

A qualified cosmetic surgeon
designs the most appropriate
shape considering the patient's
overall facial structure

An incision is placed Inside of
the eyes where conjunctiva is
located so that scars will
not be visible

Following the incision,
fat is relocated and/or injected.
Concurrent operation of skin
removal also available if there
is a presence of sagging skin

Sutured with absorbable
suture following
hemostasis once bleeding
has been stopped

Who Needs Under Eye Fat Relocation?

Dull impression due to dark circles

Concealer does not cover up undereye discolouration

Fat beneath lower eyelids bulge, creating a
shadow and an older appearance





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