HOMEEyesLower Eyelid Love Band

What Is Lower Eyelid Love Band?

This procedure consists of autologous fat grafting to subtly plump up the area below the eyes for a more youthful
Plumpness under the eyes creates an alert appearance and will naturally refine crow's feet and other
fine lines, optimizing youthfulness. This relatively simple procedure allows for a speedy recovery and ease of return
to daily routines.

Are all Lower Eyelid Fillers the same?

The pockets under the eyes are a very small, but deciding feature of the face. Hence it is important to determine
the appropriate amount and volume to insert, relative to the patient's faceInadequate amounts do not have
much of an effect and excessive amounts tend to make the lower eyelids seem as if they are swollen and
unnatural. This is why it is very important to ensure that the patient receives the attention of a clinically
experienced medical expert.


Lower Eyelid Fat Grafting Procedure

Fillers such as Restylane, Juvéderm, Radiesse, etc. are inserted in the desired area under the
lower eyelid. Effects are immediate following the procedure and take less than five minutes
to complete. Minimal swelling allows students and workers to have their procedures done as
it does not affect daily routines. If a desired result is not acquired, it is simple to melt and flush
the filler out of one's system through approved drugs.

Fat from the patient is extracted and pure, minute particles of fat are inserted beneath the eyes.
There are minimal chances of side effects as the fat graft is autologous, meaning the fat from
one's own body is used. If the desired result is not acquired, it can be restored to a state prior to the
procedure by melting the fat inserted.

choose iWELL's Eyelid Love Band?

Detailed consultation, designing and procedure according to each
individual patient's facial harmony

Certified and approved products of the appropriate dosage used

Minimal, if any scarring and swelling allow patients to return
to daily routines unaffected

Who Needs Lower Eyelid Love Band

Area beneath the eyes are dull and sunken,
leading to an older appearance

To have charming eye smiles

To achieve a youthful look through
a relatively simple procedure

To concurrently improve crow's feet
and other lowere eyelid wrinkles





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