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This is
Natural Adhesion Method
of iWELL plastic surgery

"iWELL's Natural Adhesion Method makes inline, in & outline,
outline possible depending on personal preferences and patient's eye shape.

iWELL's Natural Adhesion Method Before & After

She has a dull appearance with no double eyelids

She looks bright and feminine
with natural double eyelids

Natural Adhesion without scarring

Actual iWELL Patient-Natural Adhesion Method

(3 months after the operation)

This is an actual iWELL patient who had Natural Adhesion double
eyelid surgery. There is no difference from natural double eyelid.

  • iWELL Natural Adhesion Method leaves
    less scarring than any other methods
  • iWELL Natural Adhesion Method has less possibility
    of disconnection
    by making up for the weakness
    and maximizing the merits of existing non-incision
    method. In addition, surgery is done with micro holes,
    so it is almost unnoticeable even with closed eyes.

How is Natural Adhesion Method done?

The surgeon designs the
desired height and shape that
would suit the patient's face.
Then the surgeon creates
micro holes.

iWELL's own method that
creates the fixation between
skin and muscle is completed
through the holes.

Connect the inside and
outside of the eyelid
with thread.

Complete the natural
beautiful eyes.

choose iWELL's Natural Adhesive Method?

Double eyelids look natural with natural fixation of
muscles that helps eyes to open

If blepharoptosis is relatively minor, correction can be made
with natural adhesion method without incision.

Because surgery is done through micro holes, there is no scarring.

Because basic method of double eyelid is used, disconnection is rare.

For the harmonious face, ptosis and canthoplasty can be done
together to make the eye size bigger.

Who needs Natural Adhesion Method?

Unlike the existing double eyelid surgery that fixed skin and tissue by thread
with force and to create noticeable artificial double eyelids,
iWELL's Natural Adhesion Method produces natural fixation of
skin and muscle that leads tothe most natural looking
double eyelids as if you were born with them.

When natural looking double eyelids
without scarring are wanted

When eyelid skin is thin and not very saggy

When wanting to be inconspicuous
despite the closed eyes

When swelling is uncomfortable
due to school or work

When incision method is not comfortable

What is Natural Adhesion Method after surgery care procedures?

  • For two days after the surgery, swelling and bruise could happen, but they gradually fade away.
  • Lowering the head or lying on the stomach needs to be avoided but laying on elevated pile of pillows helps with swelling.
  • Rubbing eyelids or closing eyes tightly needs to be avoided.
  • Simple eye make-up, a week after the surgery
  • Smoking and drinking can trigger inflammation, they need to be avoided for 3 weeks after the surgery.
  • Sauna and Korean dry sauna need to be avoided for 4 weeks.
  • Wearing contact lens needs to be avoided for about 2 weeks.

Surgeries that can be completed in conjunction
with iWELL Natural Adhesive Method

If the horizontal width of eyes are short?

Canthoplasty can be done without
scarring as this method places the incision
in a hidden spot in the inner corner of the eyes

Natural Adhesive Eye Shape Correction
can be done to create a more
alert eye without incision

If sagging eyelid makes you look sleepy?

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Natural Adhesive Eye Shape Correction





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