HOMEEyesNatural Adhesion Ptosis Correction

What is Natural Adhesion Ptosis Correction?

Generally when 80~90% of the iris is seen when the eye is open, the eyes are considered to be very attractive.
When there is blepharoptosis (when the eyelid is covering the iris), incision is used to correct the problem,
so scarring is visible and the recovery period is long.

iWELL's Natural Adhesion Ptosis Correction is performed through micro holes without incision to adjust
the tension of eyelid and muscle and induce natural fixation of muscle that helps eye to open and skin.
So a natural ptosis correction can be done without any obvious sign.

What is Blepharoptosis?

Blepharoptosis is a condition in which one or both upper eyelids sag due to conditions that affect the muscles in the eyelid.
In this case, it is possible that the drooping eyelid interferes with vision or there is an appearance
of sleepiness due to half closed eyes. So the eyes are opened by using the muscles in the eyebrows and forehead.

Eye that needs shape correction
When iris is exposed less than 2mm from the pupil

Normal eye shape
When iris is exposed about 5mm from the pupil

Types of Ptosis Correction

At iWELL, method of surgery is decided after accurate analysis of individual's eye shape and condition. The most beautiful and ideal
eye shape will be made because customized surgery will be completed with either Natural Adhesion Ptosis Correction or Incision Ptosis Correction.

Natural Adhesion Ptosis Correction

Incision Eyelid Reshaping

  • Correction made through micro
    holes without incision
  • Fat removal almost impossible
  • When condition is severe,
    correction is difficult to achieve
  • When eyelid is a little sagging
  • Almost no scarring visible
  • Not much swelling
  • Correction made through micro slits
  • Fat removal possible
  • When condition is severe,
    correction is possible
  • When eyelid is sagging a lot
  • A little bit of scarring can be seen
  • Swelling

choose iWELL's Natural Adhesion Ptosis Correction?

With fixation between skin and muscle, natural eye profile is made.

Fast recovery with no scarring since there is no incision.

Only eyelid reshaping that can be done without double eyelid surgery.

Improvement on forehead wrinkles.

Shorter operation time comparing to the existing one.

Who needs Natural Adhesion Ptosis Correction?

When opening the eyes, one must raise the eyebrow
a lot or many wrinkles on the forehead

When one cannot open the eye properly
even with double eyelid surgery

When wanting to have a vivid eye shape
without double eyelid surgery

When constantly told that they
have a sleepy appearance

When it is mild blepharoptosis





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