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What is iWELL 3D Square Jaw Reduction?

The point is "How well it's cut" not "How much it's cut"!
A square jaw is caused by over developed jaw bone or jaw muscle. Especially angular bone under the
ears makes the face bigger and muscular. Unlike the common Mandibular Surgery,
iWell 3D Square Jaw Reduction is done with Cortical Osteotomy. Therefore,
the thickness of the bone is reduced and that leads to a better result

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  • - 3D Square Jaw Reduction

Who Needs 3D Square Jaw Reduction?

A wide square chin from the front view

Over developed angular jawline under the ear

A strong and rough appearance due to angular jaw

Asymmetric face

How is 3D Square Jaw Reduction done?

Accurate facial structure is measured by utilizing the state of art 3D-CT

Safe and accurate surgery plan is made by utilizing 3D image analysis

After making about 4cm incision on mucous membrane inside of the mouth, delicate curve line is cut

Half interval contour line excision or cortical osteotomy is performed, depending on patient's needs

Stitch up and one to one post surgery care

choose iWELL's 3D Square Jaw Reduction?

Based on scientific pre-surgery analysis, the exact size of excided
chin bone is decided

Not only angular jawbone is excided, but with cortical osteotomy,
the thickness of the bone is reduced

Not an unnatural straight line but delicate curvy excision makes
softer and more feminine facial shape

Surgery method, curved excision, T shape osteotomy,
excarnation, etc, is chosen based on a patient needs which
will produce the best result





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