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What are Chin Implants?

Chin implants are used to improve a broad, short, or recessive chin by altering the chin's dimensions.
iWELL Chin Implants will help you achieve a safe and permanent way to enhance your facial features.

iWELLChin augmentation methods by categories_Receding Chin

What is a Receding Chin?

  • The receding chin appears to recede backwards and is disproportionately smaller than a person's nose
  • The receding chin makes a person looks fat and the mouth looks to be protruding
  • I have a very small chin
  • I have a receding lower jar,
    so my mouth looks to be protruding
  • I have a short distance from the tip
    to the start of the neck

iWELLReceding Chin Implants

  • The size and the shape of the implant is chosen to best fit the patient.
  • No visible scar, swelling, or bruise

iWELLHow is Receding Chin Implant Procedure done?

  • A small incision where
    the lower lip meets
    the gum
  • Make a space for
    the implant
  • Customized implant
    is inserted and stitched

iWELLChin Fat Transfer

  • When the receding chin is not that obvious, a fat transfer to the tip of the chin can create natural volume.
  • Since the patient's own tissue is used, there are almost no side effects and recovery time is very short.

iWELL How is Chin Fat Transfer Procedure done?

  • Fat is collected from
    thigh or belly through very
    narrow tube
  • By utilizing a centrifuge,
    only pure fat is separated
  • By utilizing a specialized
    fine needle, the fat is
    inserted evenly into

iWELL Chin augmentation methods by categories_Broad Chin

  • - 3D Cheekbone Reduction
  • - long-curved jaw surgery
  • - Setback genioplasty
  • - 3D Cheekbone Reduction
  • - long-curved jaw surgery
  • - Setback genioplasty

When chin appearance is broad, the bottom of the chin is divided into a T shape, then the flat middle bone is removed,
and the side anuglar bones are rejoined together.





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