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What is iWELL Forehead Reduction?

It is a procedure to reduce a broad forehead by pulling the scalp after making micro incisions along the
hairline. It is especially effective when hair transplants cannot help.
This procedure will make a big face look smaller.


Perfect ratio of upper, middle, and lower face is 1: 1: 0.8.

When upper face, the forehead, is too broad, facial ratio is
not ideal Thus the face cannot look harmonious.
Adequate ratio of forehead gives curvy side profile
and sophisticated image.

Who needs Forehead Reduction?

  • When wearing a pulled back hairstyle is
    not an option due to a broad forehead
  • When hair transplant cannot help
  • When an oversize upper face breaks
    the balance of the face
  • When wanting to reduce the length of the
    face without facial contouring

choose iWELL’s
Forehead Reduction?

  • • Fast return to everyday activity since there is almost no bruising or swelling and
      the incision area is hidden with hair.
  • • Looks natural as the natural hairline is still in place.
  • • Effect of a smaller face without complicated facial contouring
  • • Less concern about scarring since micro incision is made on the hairline
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