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iWELL Quick Cheekbone Reduction Before and After

Quick Cheekbone Reduction reduces not only side cheekbones but also the 45 degree cheekbones
without creating any sagging in the skin. Moreover, the bones are rotated and
pushed in to be completely attached to each other to maximize the reduction.

After 6month

iWELL Patented
Quick Cheekbone
Reduction Device

With recognition of iWELL's leading-edge technology,
a patent has been granted

Quick cheekbone reduction instrument that Dr. Bumjin Park
has developed himself obtained a patent from Korean
Intellectual Property Office.

Plastic Surgeon : Bumjin Park

Quick cheekbone reduction instrument that has developed through
iWELL's continuous efforts and own know-how has proven its effect and safety to
Korean Intellectual Property Office enough to gain a patent.

iWELL Quick Cheekbone Reduction Customized Fixed Method

To get the best results, iWELL Quick Cheekbone Reduction is performed after
analyzing the individual's cheekbone characteristics.
The surgery is done with sedation anesthesia and natural method through minimal scalp incision
Depending on the personal preference, customized titanium plate/screw, or dissolvable plate/screw can be used.

Natural Fixed
  • Method
  • Candidates
  • Duration
  • Incision
  • Outcome
  • Sagging
  • Recovery
  • Place the bones knit together naturally
  • No plate or screw needed
  • No foreign substance
  • When the perimeter of cut of cheekbone is normal
  • When foreign substance in the body is not wanted
  • When a patient doesn't want the foreign
    substance visible on x-ray
  • About 15 to 20 minutes
  • Depending on the individual's cheekbone
    characteristics, customized high end titanium
    plate / screw is used
  • Dissolvable plate/screw is used
  • When the perimeter of the cut of cheekbone is big
  • When natural bone adhesion is hard due to older age
  • When a patient needs to talk a lot or grits teeth
  • About 30 minutes
  • Minimal incision in the scalp (not visible)
  • Both side and 45 degree cheekbones are reduced
  • No
  • 3~4days

How is it done?

Without cutting the cheekbone
completely, rotate and push-in
the bone inside in order to
maximize the reduction

  • step013D analysis of bone
    structure and neural
  • step02Completely prevent
    neural damage
  • step03Start the surgery
    with safe sedation
  • step04Only one minimal
    scalp incision
  • step05Partially cut the
    bone and
    push-in to fold
  • step06Induce fixation
    of the cutting
  • step07After checking the
    location of cheekbone,
    stitch up
  • step08Discharge on the
    same day and stitch
    removal 10 days after

What is Side cheekbone and
what is 45 degree cheekbone?

Cheekbone is composed of the bone below the
eye forming the prominence of the cheek and
zygomatic arch. The part where the arch is called
side cheekbone and the part where it connects
from front part to arch is called 45 degree cheekbone

Who needs Quick Cheekbone Reduction?

  • Face looks broad due to the protruding cheekbones
  • Fierce image due to the protruding side and 45 degree cheekbones
  • Temple looks sunken due to no fat on the cheeks
  • Sunken cheeks look darker due to protruding cheekbones
  • Uneven face shape due to the cheekbones





Before & After

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