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What is iWELL 3D Cheekbone Reduction?

3D Cheekbone Reduction is done after resecting the facial bone where there are various nerves and blood vessels. Because of the
delicacy of this surgery, there must be an accurate analysis of the patient's facial structure by 3D - CT and the surgery
must be performed by a surgeon who has extensive experience, expertise and skills. iWELL is equipped with a 3D-CT that can
cover large areas. Surgery is planned after facial structure is scientifically analyzed. Implantation of a high-end plate with
double fixation makes an effective and safe surgery which will meet the patient's high expectations and create great satisfaction.

iWELLWhat is 3D Cheekbone Reduction?

  • The common method is to cut the protruding
    cheekbone and push it inside of the face.
  • However, 3D Cheekbone Reduction is
    just not to push it in but rotate it.
  • Therefore, the size of all front, side and 45 degree
    cheekbones are reduced and that leads to smaller
    and slender face.

iWELLiWELL 3D Cheekbone Reduction Procedure Process

By utilizing the state of the art 3D-CT, bone structure, thickness, neural location,
and vascularity are analyzed in 3D images

Based on 3D image analysis, a safe and accurate operating plan is made and the s
urgery follows according to the pre-made plan


  • 1cm incision on scalp near temple and 4cm
    incision inside of mouth are made
  • Exposed cheekbones are cut
  • Broken cheekbones are rotated and moved
  • Front and side cheekbones are tightly
    putting together with titanium plate/screw
  • broken bone
  • remove
    broken bone
  • push inside and
    rotate cheekbone,
    and fix it

One to one customized post operative care system

1:1 customized system
helps with rapid recovery and
increase the completion
of the surgery

  • High frequency
  • Ultrasound care
  • Post operative
    swelling care
  • Ultraviolet
    ray care

Satisfying results with noticeably smaller face and improved face shape

  • - 3D Cheekbone Reduction
  • - long-curved jaw surgery
  • - T-shaped osteotomy
    (Setback genioplasty)
  • - Nasolabial fold augmentation
    surgery using an autologous bone
  • - 3D Cheekbone Reduction
  • - long-curved jaw surgery
  • - ㅅ-shaped osteotomy
    (Setback genioplasty)
  • - 3D Cheekbone Reduction
  • - long-curved jaw surgery
  • - T-shaped osteotomy
    (Setback genioplasty)
  • - 3D Cheekbone Reduction
  • - long-curved jaw surgery
  • - T-shaped osteotomy
    (Setback genioplasty)

iWELL cheekbone Reduction distinct features

01. Maximum Satisfaction

Front and side cheekbones are
reduced at the same time

02. Accentuate Facial Dimensions

With rotating method, cheekbones
are relocated and that leads to
smaller face with slender face shape

03. Minimal Dissection

Prevent sagging skin

04. Prevent sagging skin

By utilizing the state of art 3D-CT,
perfect operation plan is made based
on detailed analysis

05. Satisfied Surgery Result

Reduce the uneven shape and appearance

06. Definite double fixation

Minimize the non-union by using
the best quality of titanium plate/screw

Who needs 3D Cheekbone Reduction?

Due to protruding cheekbone,
gives a rough impression

Due to protruding cheekbone,
face looks wider

Asymmetrical cheekbones

Due to excessive protruding
cheekbones, face looks uneven

choose iWELL's 3D Cheekbone Reduction?

Make precise operation plan by utilizing the state of art 3D-CT

Increase accuracy of the operation by utilizing endoscope

Almost no non-union or sagging cheeks because of
minimal incision and the implementation of the best quality devices

Smaller and slender face is made because of balance
between front and side cheekbones





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