HOMERhinoplasty (Nose) Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

After an overly aggressive or poorly executed rhinoplasty surgery, a revision rhinoplasty is needed in cases where the
outcome is undesirable. For example, if the prosthesis is visible through skin, or if an extrusion has occurred.
Revision rhinoplasty is highly difficult and must proceed with precision, as the structure of the nose may be damaged
due to prior surgery. It is most important to have a thorough consultation with an experienced specialist in order to
correctly identify the cause of failure.
Then, using this knowledge, a successful plan for revision surgery can be executed.

When to choose revision surgery?

It is best to wait at least 6 months before a revision.

If the first operation was a simple rhinoplasty to heighten the nose bridge,
a reoperation is possible within 3 months of the first operation.

It is best to go forward with the revision once the tissue where surgery was performed primarily has settled down,
the scars are not hard, and when the swelling has decreased.

There are many cases in which the surgeries have yielded better results over a gradual period after the 6-month mark,
so it is best to choose whether to do a revision after carefully observing the progress of the surgery.

choose iWELL's Revision Rhinoplasty?

We scientifically and thoroughly analyze the initial operation's cause of failure.

By offering a customized diagnosis through examination via 3D-CT,
the level of satisfaction after the reoperation is high.

The surgical plan is created with a high level of consideration for each
patient's unique facial characteristics and the nasal shape they prefer.

An experienced specialist operates with attention to detail,
while minimizing damage done to the patient's tissue structure.

Types of Revision Rhinoplasty

When the
bridge of the
nose seems bent

After taking out the original prosthesis, a new prosthesis that has been accordingly shaped is
reinserted into the nose.

When the
prosthesis moves
in the nose

The reason for the prosthesis moving in the nose is due to the prosthesis being placed under
the skin, as opposed to under the periosteum. In this case, the prosthesis is properly fixed
underneath the periosteum to prevent it from moving.

When the
tip of the nose has been
altered in shape due to
the prosthesis

After removing the prosthesis, an autoplasty is performed to make the shape of the nasal tip natural.
iWELL utilizes the patient's fascia to cover the cartilage, preventing the nasal tip from becoming

an extrusion
has occurred

After straightening out the extrusion by softening the scar tissue inside the nose,
the cartilage at the nasal tip is corrected into its proper shape.
After this, the nasal tip is rectified by using the patient's cartilage, or donated cartilage.

When the
prosthesis is visible

In the case where the prosthesis is visible due to a thin layer of skin,
the patient's dermis or fascia is designed to fit the patient's nose,
then wrapped around the prosthesis and reinserted to make the prosthesis invisible.

Where the
bridge of the nose
is overly heightened

After removing the original prosthesis, a newly designed prosthesis is inserted to
fix the nose into a more natural size and shape.

Where the
nasal tip has been

By using the septal cartilage, a supporting structure is created in the nasal tip to make it harder
and stronger. By carrying out a nasal tip operation in addition, a natural and straight
nose can be created.





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