HOMERhinoplasty (Nose) Nasal Tip Surgery

What is iWELL Nasal Tip Surgery?

The tip of the nose is the most protruding, highest point of the face; and thus is so important that a rhinplasty's
success depends on it. This surgery is carried out in cases where the nasal bridge is high, but the nasal tip is not in
its ideal position, resulting in noses looking either long or short, or in cases where the nasal tip is stubby.
Nasal tip surgery is a crucial part of forming a beautiful nasal line, and thus it is important to get this operation
from a professional with extensive experience and excellent artistry.

The nose can only be beautiful
with a perfect "nasal tip"

The ideal shape of the nasal tip is when the height of the
nasal tip, as seen from the side, is about the same as the
width of the alas of the nose as seen from the front (A=B),
and the nasal bridge has a 45 degree angle to the nasal tip.
Many female celebrities prefer a natural half sock-like
line when seen from the side.

What is the process for iWELL Nasal Tip Surgery?

Where the nasal tip is
somewhat shaped correctly

By tying together the widened wing cartilages,
this reasonably simple correction will yield satisfactory results.

Where the nasal tip must be heightened

In the case where it is not sufficient to only tie together the wing cartilages, the nasal tip will be naturally raised by
implanting the patient's own cartilage onto the nasal tip.

Where the nasal tip must be strongly
supported and heightened

In cases such as upturned noses, cartilage is additionally
implanted onto the nasal tip onto the primary nasal cartilage,
which will be strongly supported in order to create the desired shape.

choose iWELL's Nasal Tip Surgery?

By using the patient's own cartilage (septal or ear cartilage) as opposed to
artificial prostheses, the results are natural.

The height, angle, and line of the nasal tip is carefully considered
and designed to fit the overall harmony of the facial features.

There is no cause for worry of distortion or side effects as the cartilage is
wrapped once more with fascia.

There are additional improvements in the appearances of protruding mouths.

Who needs iWELL Nasal Tip Surgery?

  • Where the nasal bridge is heightened but the shape of the nasal tip is not pretty
  • Where the patient wishes to change the shape of the nasal tip after a rhinoplasty
  • Where the tip of the nose has drooped following a rhinoplasty
  • Where the nasal tip is lengthy (arrow-nose) or short (upturned nose)
  • Where the facial expression is stuffy due to a stubby nasal tip

Surgeries that can be completed in conjunction
with iWELL Nasal Tip Surgery

Flat nose with low bridge?

If 3D Sculpting Rhinoplasty is completed in conjunction with Nasal Tip Surgery,
satisfaction with the results will be greatly increased

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