HOMERhinoplasty (Nose)3D Sculpting Rhinoplasty

What is iWELL Rhinoplasty?

iWELL's 3D Sculpting Rhinoplasty is not merely an operation to raise a low nose.
It serves to go through with appropriate surgeries that fit with rhinoplasty to enhance the side profile of
the face without complex procedures like facial contour surgeries or dental correction;
simply put, it is a compound rhinoplasty that creates the perfect side profile from the forehead down to the chin.

3D Rhinoplasty Before & After

  • She has a dull appearance with no double eyelids
  • Flat forehead
  • A flat side profile due to a short chin
  • A cloudy, plain image
  • A straight nose with a perfected nasal tip
  • Contoured forehead
  • A perfect side profile due to correction of the short chin
  • A sophisticated and clear image

How is iWELL 3D Sculpting Rhinoplasty done?

  • Thorough analysis of the
    patient's nasal structure
    and status of skin
  • Decision made on the
    individually suited prosthesis
    and the kind of patient
    cartilage to be inserted
    into the nasal tip
  • Minimal incision made to
    insert the prosthesis
  • Insertion of customized
    prosthesis in correct area
  • Sculpture of nasal tip using
    the patient's own cartilage
  • After checking the status of
    the prosthesis as well as the
    shape of the nose,
    the incision is stitched
  • Same-day hospital
    discharge, removal of
    stitches after 7 days
  • Depending on need,
    forehead or chin surgery
    also carried out

choose iWELL's 3D Sculpting Rhinoplasty?

A pretty nasal line from bridge to tip

As opposed to the 90s where there was a boom in rhinoplasties and the focus was only
on inserting artificial prostheses into the bridge to make it appear heightened,
recent plastic surgeries place more emphasis on the nasal tip.iWELL creates the most
ideal nasal profile by delicately designing and sculpting a personalized nasal ridge
and nasal tips. The operation also creates and utilizes the safest custom prostheses,
made from the patient's cartilage.

Expertise in nasal tips! No need for a revision surgery!

Nasal tips may look perfect right after the rhinoplasty. But sometime afterwards, the shape
may start to droop at the nasal tip causing some dissatisfaction and patients to ask for reoperations.
This side effect occurs due to insufficient skill, or where the bone is not strongly corrected, using
the nasal septum, a type of bone inside the nose. iWELL's expertise and procedure of wrapping
the nasal tip in fascia after placing the patient's cartilage on the nasal tip prevents the side effect
of having the nasal tip redden and the skin structure around the nasal tip become thin.
iWELL minimizes the possibility of requiring a reoperation through thorough analysis
and extensive experience in the individual shapes of noses.

Creates the prettiest side profile.

It is critical for cosmetic surgeons to not only have skill, but artistic elements as well.
This is because cosmetic surgeries are undertaken to become more beautiful.
iWELL creates the most beautiful and ideal face by scientifically analyzing the side
profile of the face, extending to the forehead and chin during a rhinoplasty.
Recently, the ideal line of the nose is judged to be the middle point of a straight
nose and a soft, half-sock shaped nose. It is only after comprehensive consultation
with the patient, the operation will proceed.

The beautiful nasal line perfected from iWELL 3D Sculpting Rhinoplasty

The ideal angle between forehead and nasal bridge

The ideal angle between nasal bridge and lips

The ideal angle between the nose and lips

In female cases about 95~105 degrees

In male case 90~100 degrees

The most important aspects in nasal cosmetic surgery
is the angle between nose and lips, as well as the angle
between nose and forehead.

Angle of nose and forehead below 115 degrees

The area around the eyes may appear blunt and dark, and/or the forehead may appear to pop out.

Angle of nose and forehead over 150 degrees

The forehead may be too flat and/or the nose may appear flat, resulting in a wide-looking face without a solid appearance.

Angle of nose and lips below 90 degrees

The nasal tip takes on the appearance of the commonly known arrow-nose, resulting in a lengthy nose and aged appearance.

Angle of nose and lips above 120 degrees

Commonly called a raised, or upturned nose, the facial expression may appear inelegant due to the nostrils being visible from the front.

Who needs iWELL 3D Sculpting Rhinoplasty?

When the forehead is flat resulting
in an aged appearance

When the nose is low and flattened
out with a stubby nasal tip

When the nasal bridge is low and the
nasal tip is either upturned or droopy

When the face is generally plain with
no sophisticated appearance

When the facial expression is
gloomy due to a short chin





Before & After

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