HOMERhinoplasty (Nose) Male Rhinoplasty

What is iWELL Male Rhinoplasty?

A male rhinoplasty procedure is different from a female rhinoplasty procedure. For men, the ideal nose line is one
where the nose is straight from beginning to tip, and not only must it be heightened, but a masculine side profile
must be perfected. iWELL Male Nose Plastic Surgery creates a sophisticated and masculine nose through detailed
design considering the individual's characteristics.

Male Rhinoplasty Before & After

Features of a Male Nose Plastic Surgery!

A completely straight nose line from beginning to
tip emphasizes a masculine image.

In comparison to a woman, a man's nose starts
protruding higher up, is lengthier, and is straight.

The angle between the nasal tip and lips are around
90~100 degrees, and the nasal tip is not raised.

There is a preference for a sophisticated and
masculine image.

Plastic surgery is only for women? No!

To consider for a Male Rhinoplasty

Even if one is greatly skilled, it is hard to become successful in
both business and romantic relations.

For men, the width of the nasal bridge is wider than women, and oftentimes,
the bone around the eyebrows are uplifted as well. Also, the epithelial structure
around the nasal tip is naturally thicker than the one of women's. As such, these
male characteristics must be considered sufficiently in the pre-operation procedures.

Additionally, there are many men who neglect distortions in their noses caused
by a prior nose injury, often developing an acquired aquiline nose or curved
nose. In cases such as these, there are possibilities of other structural
problems such as blocked nasal passages developing, thus the mechanical
aspects of the nose must also be considered during a rhinoplasty.





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