HOMERhinoplasty (Nose) Alar Reduction

Alar Reduction

When the base of nose is wide and flabby, the nose seems low and the nostrils look big and that creates an
unsophisticated appearance. In this case, alar reduction can make the perfect nose that suits the face by reducing
the overall size of the base of the nose and changing the size of the nostrils

Alar Reduction Method

Reduce the skin of base of the nose

It is used when the skin or soft tissue of alae is thick.
Narrows alae by incising and stitching of the bottom of
the nose. Incision line is almost invisible because it is
located at the border line between alae and cheeks.

Put inside of alae together

It is used when the skin of alae is not thick,
however the nostrils are big. Make a very small incision
on the base of the nose and with very special thread,
stitch up the columella.

Who needs Alar Reduction?

  • The nose tip looks broad due to a wide nose base
  • The nose tip is broad even though the nose bridge is high
  • The nose tip looks droopy due to a sagging nose base
  • The nose base is not harmonious with the rest of the face





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