HOMERhinoplasty (Nose)Bent Nose

What is Bent Nose?

It refers to the nose that is humped, deviated, or crooked. When the nose is bent in appearance, its functionality can
also be distorted.
ome symptoms include nasal congestion, nasal inflammation, and chronic headache.
iWELL Deviated Nose surgery improves functionality and appearance, and patients feel highly satisfied with the results.

How is Bent Nose Surgery done?

Depending on the degree to which the nose is bent, the location and deviation of the nasal septum, various surgery methods are used.

bending is minor

Customized implant will be inserted on the opposite side of the bending to
make the nose look straight.

bending is severe

Septoplasty to straighten the bent nasal septum and nasal bone resection to move resected
outer nasal bone could be performed.
If it is bent inward, resected nasal bone will be moved outward, if it is bent outward,
it will be moved inward. Unbalanced nostril correction will be done at the same time.

Inferior Nasal
Concha hyperplasia
is accompanied

In the case of a bent nose due to deviated nasal septum, nasal septum is bent the opposite side
and the nasal cavity becomes wider. In order to fill the nasal septum, the Inferior nasal concha
bone gets bigger and that leads to nasal congestion. In this case, inferior nasal concha
correction surgery, that resects the inferoir nasal concha bone or reduces it with high
frequency procedure, is performed with bent nose correction surgery.

Who needs Bent Nose Surgery?

  • When the face looks unbalanced due to a bent nose
  • When a nose implant is bent after rhinoplasty
  • When the cartilage of the nasal septum is bent
  • When the nose bridge is bent after injury or trauma to the nose





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