HOMERhinoplasty (Nose)Bulbous Nose Plastic Surgery

Bulbous Nose?

In the case of Asians, there is a heightened probability of having a thick-skinned, round and flattened nose.
A type of nose commonly seen in Korea, these noses commonly have a small amount of cartilage in the alas
of the nose, with a thick layer of skin. These round, flat noses often make for a unsophisticated, dull facial expression,
so by correcting the cartilage and removing the layer of fat under the skin, a slim and sharp nose is created.

How is a bulbous nose surgery done?

Where the lower nasal cartilage is spread
out to either side

After the desquamation and sculpture of the lower nasal
cartilage to make it smaller, the widened ends of the cartilage
are sutured to naturally pinch up the tip of the nose.

Where the lower nasal cartilage is large

By sculpting the cartilage to make it smaller, the alas of the
nose are gathered together by suturing either end.

Where the layer of subcutaneous tissue under
the tip of the nose is thick

By removing subcutaneous fat and unnecessary soft tissue,
the thickness of the skin is lessened and evened out.

Who needs bulbous nose surgery?

Where the tip of the nose is large and stumpy

Where the ala of the nose is wide, and the tip
of the nose is flat and spread out

Where the skin and fat layer of the ala is thick





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