HOMERhinoplasty (Nose)Aquiline Nose

What is an Aquiline Nose?

An aquiline nose, which features a bump protruding from the middle portion of the bridge of the nose, often give the
appearance of a strong or stubborn facial expression. The surgery for an aquiline nose, which corrects the cartilage
and bone to create a smooth line has clearly visible effects, resulting in a high level of patient satisfaction.

How is Aquiline Nose Surgery done?

When the hook of the nose is not severe

A smooth nose profile is created by opening an incision
in the nose, then removing the hooked portion of the
bone and cartilage in the nose using medical instruments.

When the hook of the nose is severe

By performing an osteotomy on the exterior of the hook,
the cartilage at the end of the nose is collected
and pushed upwards. At this time, to prevent the end of
the nose from drooping, an autoplasty is performed to
secure a support system for the nose.

In cases where the entire bridge of the nose is protruding, or if only the nose
bone is protruding, there is a wide range of personal variations so surgery must only
be performed after thorough consultation with a specialist.

Surgeries that can be completed in conjunction
with iWELL Aquiline Rhinoplasty

If you have a flat tip of the nose in addition to an aquiline nose?

If you want a perfect nose from top to tip?

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