HOMERhinoplasty(Nose)Flat Nose Plastic Surgery

What is iWELL Flat Nose Plastic Surgery?

Surgery on the nose is called "rhinoplasty". In this case, rhinoplasty can raise a flat nose. Because there are many cases
where Asians have low nasal bridges, this surgery is the most popular. iWELL not only creates a heightened nose,
but creates the shape of the nose fit the overall facial expression. We will create a natural, harmonious nose that is not
only heightened, but also has a attractive line extending to the nasal tip.

Who needs iWELL Flat Nose Plastic Surgery?

Where the nasal bridge
is low, causing the
face to look plain

Where the nasal tip is
flat and stubby

Where the three-
dimensional feel of the
face is lacking

Where the nasal
bridge is low

choose iWELL Flat Nose Plastic Surgery?

iWELL only uses the best quality, safest prostheses

iWELL not only secures the height of the nose,
but also delicately designs the line of the nasal tip

iWELL makes minimal incisions to minimize destruction of the nasal
structure and scarring.iWELL ensures minimization of infections throug

Thorough sterilization system to reduce the possibility of inflammation

Types of Incisions for a Nose Plastic Surgery

Open Type

Closed Type

The incision is connected from the mucous membrane of
the inner nose to the exterior septum of the nose.

Only the mucous membrane of the inner nose is incised.

There is good visilibity during the surgery, so the inner structure
of the nose is examined as the surgery is conducted.

It is easy to create the precise shape of the nasal tip.

It is easy to make a precise insertion of the prosthesis.

There is a scar left around the visible septum,
but this will fade away after the recovery process.

By delicately suturing the incised area, the scarring is minimized.

There are no visible scars.

There is limited visibility during the operation, so access of
the inner nasal structure is difficult.

It is essential to have the operation completed by an
experienced surgeon.

How is iWELL Flat Nose Plastic Surgery done?

The decision is made on the individually fitting prosthesis
and the type of cartilage to be inserted in the nasal tip

An incision is delicately made where the
prosthesis will be inserted

The custom-designed prosthesis is
fixed onto the nasal bridge

Using the patient's own cartilage,
the shape of the nasal tip is corrected.





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