HOMERhinoplasty (Nose)Short Nose • Upturned Nose

Short Nose·Upturned Nose

A short nose is when the nose is short, and upturned, so that when looked from the front, the nostrils are excessively
exposed and thus this nose type is commonly referred to as a 'pig nose'. The short nose plastic surgery, which requires
the lengthening of the nose to lessen the exposure of the nostrils, is one of the highest in difficulty in nose plastic
surgeries, and so requires a highly experienced specialist to proceed with the operation to achieve satisfactory results.

The point of an short nose plastic surgery

The ideal length of a nose is
1/3 of the length of the face!

The ideal angle of the bridge of the
nose and nose tip is 45 degrees!

How is a Short Nose Surgery done?

Cartilage Plastic Surgery Method

This method is suitable for a light case of short nose (upturned nose).
By fixing the raised lower nasal cartilage towards the bottom, the cartilage looks longer towards the lower end of the nose.

Cartilage Transplant Method

This method is used when the Cartilage Plastic Surgery Method is insufficient in lengthening the end of the nose.
By performing an additional cartilage transplant between the septal cartilage and the lower nasal cartilage, there is a clear,
visible increase in the length of the nose tip. The cartilage commonly used for the transplant is the patient's own septal cartilage.

Cartilage Plastic Surgery Method + Cartilage Transplant Method + Rhinoplasty

After separating the lower nasal cartilage from the septal cartilage and placing it towards the front, the septal cartilage is used as a
support to prevent the nose tip from pulling back and upturning. In necessary cases, the short nose can be further corrected using a
silicon prosthesis to heighten the bridge of the nose.

Who needs a Short Nose Surgery?

Where the nostrils are highly visible when looking from the front

Where the nose is short, and the tip of the nose is raised

Where the nose has become upturned due to the way
the nose prosthesis is structured after a nose plastic surgery

Where genetically, the development of the
nose bone and cartilage are lacking

Surgeries that can be completed in conjunction
with iWELL Short Nose Surgery

If your dorsal profile is flat and needs to be augmented in addition to a short nose?

If you undergo the 3D Sculpting Nose Plastic Surgery along with
the Short Nose Plastic Surgery, you can achieve greater satisfactory results

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