HOMERhinoplasty (Nose) Broad Nose Plastic Surgery

What is iWELL Broad Nose Plastic Surgery?

iWELL Broad Nose Plastic Surgery is an operation to create a slim nose from a nose with a thick bridge or a wide nose
with a flattened out appearance by collecting the nose bone towards the middle with a suitable width and size.
The nose bone and the exterior cartilage are what decide the width of the nasal bridge, and the more important
of the two is the nose bone.
In the case where the nose bridge itself is low in height, a surgery to raise the nose using a prosthesis is carried out.

How is Broad Nose Plastic Surgery done?

In the case of a wide nasal bridge, if the nose is merely heightened, the face will appear stubborn and forcefull thus,
it is crucial to find a fitting thickness and shape of the nasal bridge so that it fits the balance of the face.

ln the case of wide noses, the width must be reduced by performing an osteotomy on the exterior area of the
nose bone and pushing it inwards.

The point of iWELL Broad Nose Plastic Surgery!

A nose line that is similar to the width of the philtrum!

Thickness and width of the nasal bridge that is
harmonious with the entirety of the face!

What is the ideal width of the nasal bridge?

It is ideal for the nasal bridge to have two lines that begins
from the innermost area of the eyebrows down around
to the alas, with some distance in the middle.

· In the case of Korean males, the ideal width is 13mm
· For females 10mm is ideal.

Who needs iWELL Broad Nose Plastic Surgery?

Where the nasal bridge is wide, causing the
nose to look flat and widened

Where the nasal bridge is thick,
causing the nose to look large

Where the nasal bridge is wide,
causing the nose to appear low and stubby

Where the nose appears
lower than it actually is





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