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424 Nose Surgery 1398672767.jpg
I got a nose surgery by Dr, Park Bumjin.
Until 3 days, I suffered from breathing than pain. But after that, I've lived ....
423 Nose Surgery 1396947081.jpg
The 1 month review of Rhinoplasty+Fat Injection
Initially, if I get a surgery plastic, I want to be became naturally. So I saw some r....
422 Eye Surgery NO IMAGE
I am big satisfied with the result of natural adhesion metod,
When I told my daddy that I want to get a surgery, He opposed strongly. But now ....
421 Nose Surgery 1397122884.jpg
I became pretty after nose surgery at iWELL
Before the surgery, I think my nose was not ugly nose but~ I had not the bridge of the nose.
420 Nose Surgery 1397472877.jpg
I got ! nose surgery!
I searched for reviews of nose surgery in the blog and Café. I found a woma....
419 Nose Surgery 1397714427.jpg
I am going to try that I write a review about getting a nose surgery at iwell.
My nose was just such a common nose. It's like a little bit lacking in the shape of....
418 Eye Surgery NO IMAGE
I am succeed in double eyelid surgery^^
I heard frequently I am looked strong impression. This was so bother me so I fi....
417 Eye Surgery 1398933052.jpg
The sincere review of natural adhesion method double eyelid surgery and med epicanthoplasty.
Hi everyone "iWELL family" Even though I haven't had a month yet after surgery. I'm ....
416 Facial contouring 1398759455.jpg
The review of quick zygoma reduction surgery that makes me a overall face.
The first thing is a pre-operation picture and the last one is a post-operation picture.....
415 Nose Surgery 1399366398.png
My nose and fat have been already 2 months.
It has been 2 months since I had the nose and fat grafting surgery. I prepared to be ....


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