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414 Eye Surgery 1401686066.jpg
Naturally Adhesion Method surgery went very well.
I'm gonna try to write in diary form. Actually, I experienced the Non-incision doubl....
413 Facial contouring 1399529349.jpg
I changed the V line from the short chin!~*^^*
After wearing the braces, My short chine got worse. So I had a surgery this winter~
412 Nose Surgery 1400832353.jpg
After the surgery, I post the review~!!Really satisfaction.
Hello, The director of doctor and General managers♥After the nose surgery, I told you e....
411 Nose Surgery 1400480449.jpg
Finally, I can escape from the hooked nose for getting hump nose surgery
I finally had a nose surgery after hesitating for a long time. I was a hooked nose, ....
410 Nose Surgery NO IMAGE
This is the review about getting the nose surgery.
Before the surgery, I’d had the really lower nose and the line of my nose was so unpretty.
409 Eye Surgery NO IMAGE
The review of natural adhesion method and med epi
I think it is the best way to changing the image to get a double eyelid surgery. I pers....
408 Facial contouring 1401165952.jpg
A one-month review of the operation before surgery
I was so excited and nervous at the same time before the surgery, so I had to spend all night on t....
407 Antiazing NO IMAGE
It has been 25days after surgery from iWELL
It' has been 25 days since I operated at iWELL and I was very interested in fat grafting because of....
406 Eye Surgery 1400042496.jpg
The review of Natural Adhesion Method double eyelid surgery.
I don't know how to write kind of this stuff. It is not familiar to me Anyway, I ....
405 Antiazing 1402374782.jpg
After the surgery they said I am so pretty~
I had a flat forehead so it was not beautiful This was the reason, I had forehead complex ....


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Facial contouring I have a question. 回复
Nose Surgery Rhinosurgery~ 回复
Etc transplantation of fat~~~~!! 回复
Body Surgery breast enlargements 回复
Breast Surgery breast enlargements 回复
Eye Surgery double eyelid surgery!!!!!! 回复
Nose Surgery get a nose job 回复
Body Surgery liposuction 回复
Breast Surgery liposuction 回复
Antiazing about lifting..!! 回复

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