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596 Antiazing 이미지입니다.
I got rid of bangs after fat grafting surgery.
but my nose is so pretty!!I'm really grateful and doing great.Before the surgery, I had a bad bulbou....
595 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
Isn't it uncomfortable to wear underwear?
It has been 7 months since I had breast surgery.I don't know if it's just me, it is so uncomfortable....
594 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
I got different imperssion afte the facial contouring surgery
I am a college student.I got the cheekbone reduction surgery when I didn't have a class.And the next....
593 Nose Surgery 이미지입니다.
The Review of hump nose correction.
It has been only a month, but the swelling is subsiding very well!and people around me are asking m....
592 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
Trust me and go xD
Before the surgery, I already had the double eyelid, but it looked very sleepy and asymmetry.so I go....
591 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
The Review of 3 kinds of the facial contour surgery
I just posted a short review.I have a complex about face size.especial my cheekbone it is!However, a....
590 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
I got a boyfriend!
lt;Before the sugery gt;↓↓↓ After the surgeryBefore the surgery, I had not clear eyes, but after th....
589 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
The cheekbone reduction surgery 50 days after!
Before the surgery After the surgeryI just did cheekbone reduction surgery, but some people think I ....
588 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
Breast Surgery Review
My Friends said I became the watermelon from the cherry.It's big like the watermelon.I like the size....
587 Nose Surgery 이미지입니다.
Honest Review of nose job
After the surgery, I so regretted.Because it was super painful....If I go back to that time, I would....


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