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504 Nose Surgery 이미지입니다.
Nose job in Korea
 I don't know how time went by working overseas.right after the surgery.I am really like my nose li....
503 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
Square jaw reduction
I had angle jaw even gained weight.But after the surgery, I am happy to hear that my friends say I a....
502 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
Goddess of D size.
Yes, My size is D!! (=34C)Yes, I am so confident now!Actually, I didn't have the small breast.but I'....
501 Antiazing 이미지입니다.
100 days after full face fat grafting sugery.
I heard that there are some people who felt uncomfortable and pain after the fat grafting surgery.Bu....
500 Nose Surgery 이미지입니다.
6 months after the bulbous nose reduction surgery
I am a mom raising two children. Since I was a kid, I am really stressed about my nos....
499 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
3D Cheekbone Reduction Surgery
I don' t know that the bone itself just is big or not. the cheekbone really bothered ....
498 Etc 이미지입니다.
chin liposuction and V chin filler
I did chin liposuction and V chin filler.As you know, to do both surgeries at the same time, it is t....
497 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
3 months after the double eyelid surgery,
3 months after the plastic surgery surgery,it's been more comfortable to open my eyes in the morning....
496 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
Be bright eyes through the double eyeild surgery!
I was worried about the swelling right after surgery during 3 months.but after that the swelling qu....
495 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
Facial Contouring whole face!
I had a stress about my two square jaws.So I never took a picture below.because it looks so big;;;An....


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