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52 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
Zygoma Reduction
It has been 1 years since the surgery.Honestly, I've had inconvenient and pain after the surgery for....
51 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
after 1 year facial contouring surgery
This is the review of the facial contouring After 1-year surgery.I can chew hard things or though f....
50 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
Cheekbone, Long Curved Square Jaw, Rhinoplasty.
I did long curved square jaw and nose surgery.The nose hasn't been long so still have a bit of swel....
49 Facial contouring NO IMAGE
Quick Zygoma reduction surgery
It has been almost 4 months since Quick Zygoma reduction surgery. Before the surgery,....
48 Facial contouring 1394973690.jpg
Rihnoplasty + zygoma reduction
I am such pleasure for writing the review after the endured recovery period. It seems....
47 Facial contouring 이미지입니다.
I did zygoma reduction, jaw and facial contour surgery.
Actually right after the surgery when I was lying at the recovery room, I was wondering why on earth....
46 Facial contouring NO IMAGE
Life was so hard for a year
Life was so hard for a year. I was only thinking about getting prettier at the surgery room then fe....
45 Facial contouring 1398759455.jpg
The review of quick zygoma reduction surgery that makes me a overall face.
The first thing is a pre-operation picture and the last one is a post-operation picture.....
44 Facial contouring 1399529349.jpg
I changed the V line from the short chin!~*^^*
After wearing the braces, My short chine got worse. So I had a surgery this winter~
43 Facial contouring 1401165952.jpg
A one-month review of the operation before surgery
I was so excited and nervous at the same time before the surgery, so I had to spend all night on t....


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