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공지 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
Thank you iWell!
I thought after incision, I would came out super swollen, but surprisingly I barely notice any swoll....
164 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
Ptosis Correction / Upper Epicathoplasty.
It has been almost 3 months.the bruise has been not originally.really a little bit??so I didn't care....
163 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
Puppy eyes><
I used to be the cat face.but that was not pretty cat face..ㅠit was fierce cat face..so I envied the....
162 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
Rhinoplasty !!!(^^*
I just did the only rhinoplasty but it has reduced bulbous nose effect.It has been almost 4months.No....
161 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
All about the double eyelid
I did Ptosis Correction,Medial epicanthoplasty and Partial incision method surgery.The day of operat....
160 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
double eyelid surgery is really great!!
Now I can understand why people do the double eyelid surgery kkkkit has been almost 2 months, If it'....
159 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
The power of double eyelid surgery.
After a brief operation, I'm still working hard to get rid of the swelling.While this is happening, ....
158 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
Natural Adhesion Method + Ptosis
before the surgeryafter the surgeryMy eyes were different in size and lid ptosis...Even I have the....
157 Eye Surgery 이미지입니다.
I saved the angled square jaw through Facial Bone Surgery.
I think my speed of the swelling is a little slow.I have still swelling.But I've lived good well unt....
156 Eye Surgery 1396508530.jpg
The review of revision eye surgery.
Hi~ everyone~ I failed in first surgery at another hospital, I did it again in iWELL.....


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