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공지 Nose Surgery 1401943269.jpg
I did hump nose surgery.
First of all, thank you very much for the doctor, general manager, and nurses. I know th....
137 Nose Surgery 이미지입니다.
Bulbous nose
Many people say I am not a bulbous nose. Better than the bulbous...kkkkbut..Photography is just a pi....
136 Nose Surgery 1395376620.jpg
Rhinoplasty Review..
I had a complex about my nose. His nose was full of pride, but his nose was full of ....
135 Nose Surgery 1395650043.jpg
leave the review of the nose job.
I did nose job at iWELL.For a few days, I was hard to breathe after surgery.but it was not hurt!At t....
134 Nose Surgery 1396005933.JPG
RhinoPlasty, the review of 2 months.
I did bulbous nose surgery 2 months ago. I had a flat and blunt point nose. ....
133 Nose Surgery NO IMAGE
RhinoPlasty, the review of 2 months.
I did bulbous nose surgery 2 months ago. I had a flat and blunt point nose. I....
132 Nose Surgery 1394436466.jpg
After Surgery +1 dayIt was hard to eat the porridge and take the pill because my nose is stopped up....
131 Nose Surgery 1398061301.jpg
My nose is gone well prettily♥
I am writing this review because I got some compliment from others about getting nose surgery.....
130 Nose Surgery 1398672767.jpg
I got a nose surgery by Dr, Park Bumjin.
Until 3 days, I suffered from breathing than pain. But after that, I've lived ....
129 Nose Surgery 1396947081.jpg
The 1 month review of Rhinoplasty+Fat Injection
Initially, if I get a surgery plastic, I want to be became naturally. So I saw some r....


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