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The review of lifting
It has been almost 4 months since I had the nose job and lifting.I want to be slim on my face but I ....
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full face fat grafting surgery.
Now, 6th Feb 2018.It has been 27 days since I had the surgery.I just hoping the fat will maintain no....
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Full face Fat Grafting Surgery
I did the fat grafting surgery through my friend's recommendation.People around me say that my face....
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100 days after full face fat grafting sugery.
I heard that there are some people who felt uncomfortable and pain after the fat grafting surgery.Bu....
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The 2nd Fat Grafting surgry
It hasn't been quite long. I have still the swelling.I hope that be natural after reducing the swell....
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Full face fat grafting
I strongly recommend Full face fat grafting !!It makes not only the outline of the face smooth but a....
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Fat Grafting Surgery
Actually, I put up bangs up the first time!!!Before the surgery, I had a narrow and "1 "line forehea....
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The 30 days review of the fat grafting surgery
I got a fat grafting surgery~!!Now it has been almost 30 days since I had a surgery.It seems to be p....
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chin's fat Liposuction
I did just the liposuction on my chin.but people around me ask me what did I get the filler KKK.They....
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I did the filler on the nasolabial fold
I did the filler on the nasolabial fold yesterday. At that time I was so nervous becau....


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