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A month after breast surgery.
It's already been a month since I had a waterdrop breast surgery. To put it in a nutshell, ....
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the review of a good shape and texture breast surgery.
It is really really good!!I don't have to say anything!These days the breast surgery is getting popu....
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Good Good :) Breast surgery in iWELL
I am still wearing a pressure bandageI'm rather slow to recover.but when I thouched my breast it b....
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Supper Recommend Breast Surgery
Supper Recommend Breast Surgery.Now that I have breast, I can wear the clothes that I've been not ab....
31 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
good soft texture breast surgery
before the surgeryafter the surgerythe texture is so amazing!!!When I told the friends that I want t....
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The breast surgery in iWELL
it has been 2 months since the surgeryI am so happy to get this volume even I wear the shirt without....
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So awesome of breast surgery!
Right after the surgery, It is little bit difficult to wash my hair.but now there's no problem.It's ....
28 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
Goddess of D size.
Yes, My size is D!! (=34C)Yes, I am so confident now!Actually, I didn't have the small breast.but I'....
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3 months review after the breast surgery.
I think there are no reviews about the touch of the breast.it passed time about 3 months, I am doing....
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The Breast Sugery
When I read the existing review that has been a long time since they got surgery.But I am not to tha....


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